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If ever there was a time for near-commerce this is it.

In light of COVID-19 we're rapidly rolling out a quick solution to help local businesses and customers for free.

If ever there was a time for near-commerce this is it.

UPDATE March 2021: the solution in this article is no longer available as we are close to launching the finished business tools. Which will also be FREE!

It's now April 25th 2020.

And most of the world has changed in a matter of months due to COVID-19.

It's still too early to tell exactly what impact this will have but one thing is for certain, we are now surrounded by local companies converting to home delivery to stay afloat.

Louis and I want to help in any way we can.

So after working on Ordaloca off and on for over a year, we have spent every spare second over the last 4 weeks making a better way for customers to discover local businesses that can deliver.

And so that is why we are introducing our FREE plan. This lets any company add a page to Ordaloca regardless of whether they use our business tools or not.

The listing still includes the information customers want e.g. delivery zones, operating times, ability to save their favourite stores and even viewing products and special offers. The only difference being that rather than buying instantly, customers can click through to a website or call to order.

And yes this is all free. And we will keep looking to see what else we can add without it costing us too much personally.

In addition, for any UK business that creates a FREE page, we are also donating £1 to a local NHS trust - up to £1000 (Ordaloca is just the two of us right now!). This is to say thanks for believing in the platform and because it feels like something we can do to pay it forward. It's not much I know and hopefully doesn't come across like we are jumping on the bandwagon.

So if you'd like to add your own company,  check out the FREE plan and once your page is launched, tell us how you got on and we'll share it. And if you know of a business near to you that you think could benefit, please refer them.

What is near-commerce? It's the way we describe what we do. Shops, services and experiences selling, delivering and collecting locally - 100% with their own staff.